Giving back…

If you haven’t noticed, beer and booze get a bad rap.  It would seem that if you enjoy these beverages in excess that great evils will be brought down upon you!  At least that’s what I gather from that various Pastors, PSAs, and warning labels that mention the vileness of these beverages.  Alright, the supposed wickedness of booze isn’t shoved down our gullets that forcibly, but at the same time how often do they mention the goods things that beer companies do?

As Hurricane Isaac bore down on the New Orleans coastline I was left wondering what I, an average Joe, could do for them if they were to get hit like they were in 2005 when Katrina struck?  After a quick Google search, I learned that I could help by buying beer.  Surprisingly… I wasn’t too surprised.  As I already stated, most of the good things that beer companies do aren’t well reported and I, being an average beer reporting Joe, had a feeling I would find something like this.

It turns out that about 30 miles north of N’Orleans the good people at the Abita Brewing Company, have been doing good!  In fact $550,000 worth of good!  When you purchase their Restoration Pale Ale a portion of their proceeds goes towards hurricane relief (as the comic above mentions).  Abita also makes a pilsner called S.O.S. (Save our Shore) and for every bottle sold (it’s sold in 22oz bottles) Abita donates 75¢ to the rescue and restoration of the environment, industry, and individuals fighting to survive the disastrous gulf oil spill.

Other recent examples of beer giving back are Budweiser’s Red, White, and Blue American Flag cans that gave a portion of sales to the Fold of Honor Foundation and Miller’s “Give a Veteran a Piece of the High Life” campaign that donated money to pay for soldiers to get into concert, sporting events and outdoor adventures.

We here at The Brewery like to smile when we drink beer, now we smile even bigger when we think about whom or what we might be helping.  Average Joe’s like you should get out there and get a beer that makes you smile too.


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