Muscle Beer…
I wish they actually sold Muscle Beer instead of that Muscle Milk.  What the hell is Muscle Milk anyway?  I looked at a bottle once and the only ingredient I recognized was “natural flavors”.  I’m getting ahead of myself.  Guido juice will have to be a topic for another day, because as we know, this is an article about delicious beer.
I have an issue with fast food and soda, such as McDonalds and Coke sponsoring sporting events like the Olympics.  When something could potently make you sick or kill you, you shouldn’t have it associated with some of the greatest athletes in the world.  I know what you are thinking; Heineken is the official beer sponsor of the 2012 Olympics, where’s your beef with them?  Well, I’ll make a deal with you, when Michael Phelps jumps out of the water after swimming the 200m and then chugs a Heineken and crushes the can on his head, I may be inclined to agree with you.  Also without getting too into it, it has been found that beer does have many health benefits when consumed in moderation.
Luckily, we are not the only ones that appreciate beer’s healthy side. Our good friends over at BrewDog, based out of Scotland, brewed an absurd beer for athletes.  This beer is called “Never Mind The Anabolics” and it’s an IPA that has creatine, guarana, lycii berries, kola nut, Gingko, Matcha tea, maca powder, and steroids.  I only know what a few of those things are and apparently most of them are substances that are banned for professional athletes.  Of course BrewDog is making this beer as a sort of commentary on what I mentioned above.  I can only imagine after a few of these brews, and a little “Hearts on Fire” on your iPod, you’d probably give Usain Bolt a run for his money.
Seriously I think Roger Clemens is a lying asshole and any record he got should get stricken from the books.  The fact that he wasn’t indited makes me wonder if they got the same jury from the OJ Simpson trial or Casey Anthony.  Plus he threw a bat at Mike Piazza which has to be the dickest move ever because Mike Piazza is a god damned Saint.
Anyway, unfortunately there might be a little hold up before you head to the gym with a 6 pack. BrewDog can be a little hard to find state side.  So, if you can get your hands on some BrewDog here in the states, let me know where.  The only time I have had some was when I was in Scotland in 2010.  You can let me know where in the Northern NJ area that you saw it by sending me a tweet @brewerycomic