All I can eat and BYOB… something might go wrong

As of the writing of this blog I must admit that nothing has gone wrong other than eating good food, having a good time, and drinking some beers.  Last night I did something I’ve never done and generally avoid.  Last night I went to all you can eat Sushi.  Yes, all you can eat raw fish.  I thought I was nuts doing so, but it turned out alright.

When you think of Sushi you think of tasty delicately prepared slices of raw seafood artistically placed over rice, in a roll, or on it’s own.  When you think “all you can eat” you think of heaping piles of meat and fat laying on top of one other and then there is the food that has been haphazardly prepared and placed in chafing dishes.  This was no Golden Coral.  This was legit Sushi and did I mention it was BYOB.  I bought two 22 ounce cans of Sapporo with me and they complimented my meal perfectly.

Turns out all you can eat is alright.  You have “all you can eat” or buffet stories post them below.



New actual Brewery next week… jerks.