Cans, just cans

For those of you that don’t know me, I love beer.  I especially love beer that comes in a can and now the Summer of Cans has officially begun.  In its fifth year the Summer of Cans has become a life of cans.  I am always, year round, on the look out for great beers in a can.

I started the Summer of Cans five years ago as a challenge.  I loved beer that came in a can and I wanted to find as many great canned beers as possible, which at the time, proved not to be easy.  When I started it came down to your most popular canned beers with a few “finds” in the mix.  Since then there has been a “canvolution”.  Now breweries everywhere are putting their craft beers into cans and I couldn’t be happier because it makes my job a lot easier.  If you like cans as much as I do, be sure to check out the Summer of Cans every weekend this summer over at  Also get yourself a t-shirt, current or retro, they are all fantastic.

Enough plugs for now, back to cans… beer cans.  I bet you are going to head out and look for some new canned beers and then sit there staring at the cans wondering: Does the can give the beer a metal taste? Does beer store well in cans? Are there benefits to drinking a good beer from a can?  First, the “metallic” taste is a common misconception that people have of cans.  Does the keg make your draft beer taste like metal?  No, so neither does the can.

As far as storage is considered the can is the best option.  Oxygen and light are two of beers biggest enemies that can cause skunking.  Sine the can is airtight and opaque, no light or Oxygen can get in there.  Speaking of benefits, one of the best things about getting good beer in a can is that it can go places where bottles can not.  You can take them to the park, the beach, and sneak them into the movies in your cargo pockets.

Stop being prejudiced towards canned beer and go grab a six pack of something tasty.  This past weekend I suggested some beer by Six Point for the Summer of Cans.  All of their stuff comes in cans and you will be supporting a local brewery as they are based right in Brooklyn.



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