Cans, just cans

The Summer of Cans has begun and honestly in it’s fifth year it has become a life of cans.  I am always, year round, on the look out for great beers in a can.  That’s right I started the Summer of Cans five years ago as a challenge.  I loved beer that came in a can and I wanted to find as many great canned beers as possible, which at the time, proved not to be easy.  Since then there has been a canvolution.  Now breweries everywhere are putting their craft beers into cans and I couldn’t be happier because it makes my job a lot easier.  If you like cans as much as I do, be sure to check out the Summer of Cans every weekend right here at  Also get yourself a t-shirt, current or retro, they are all fantastic.

This weekend I am giving you two classic cans in order to get this started off.  One of my favorites and I believe one of my first SOC “reviews” ever is Tecate.  It’s Mexican, it’s tasty, and you can stave off scurvy a little while longer if you add a lime.  My other “review” is the Budweiser American Flag can.  Yeah it’s Bud (not even Bud Light), but it’s got an American Flag on it, so drink up and love your country this July 4th.