No Philters is not the beer review that is going to tell you about “mouth feel” or “lacing”.  These reviews are for the popular beer kids, not the geeks.

Can in the can…

The Summer of Cans has officially begun, so today I am making one of my favorite beer dishes.  Beer Can Chicken.  Not only does the chicken come out tender and juicy, but it also looks really cool while you are cooking it, plus it’s simple.

Just grab a whole 4lb chicken, a can of beer (of which you should take a few swings), salt, pepper, butter or oil.  Wash and dry the bird, rub it with some butter or oil, salt and pepper ( you can add another rub here if you want, like cajun), jam the can into it’s ass and prop the bird up on the grill using it’s legs to support it.  You will be using indirect med-high heat here, so light one side of the grill and put the bird on the opposite side.  Now the best part… drink some beers for about an hour and a half.  By then the bird should be done, but if you want check the internal temperature it should be at 165 F or higher.

There ya go, shoving something into something’s can has never been this much fun, and you thought you would get out of this with out that joke.


Also as I mentioned the Summer of Cans has begun, so if you have an can beer suggestions for me and would like to see a “No Philters” about said can let us know in the comments sections.