No Philters is not the beer review that is going to tell you about “mouth feel” or “lacing”.  These reviews are for the popular beer kids, not the geeks.

Last weekend on Survival Sunday (for some people Mother’s Day… not the same thing, but for some, maybe they are), I was watching football (soccer).  Since those games are in England, they are usually on around 10am.  Which makes choosing the right beer to watch the game with all the more important.  Normally I watch with a Guinness which is a great morning beer.  Smooth, tasty, and as apposed to the popular belief it’s not that heavy.  I am not saying there are light beers, but there is no reason to pretend like you can only drink one and then you are full.  Anyway, this isn’t about Guinness because that wasn’t what I was drinking.  This day I was drinking Rogue’s Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale.

The Bacon Maple Ale smelled sweet and tasted mostly like Maple, with some smokiness on the back.  It was amber colored and I found it pretty easy to drink, which honestly was kind of disappointing.  With a name like Bacon Maple Ale, I thought it would much bolder.  The drinkability (thank you Bud Light) was great, but how many of these are you really going to have.  As it is it comes in a 750ml painted pink bottle.  If it are looking for something that is more readily available to compare it to, I would go with Newcastle.  Not for the flavor, but more for the “feel” and “look”.  If you plan on eating a breakfast that would compliment it, such as beer pancakes (substitute beer for buttermilk) then I think it’s a hit, but in my opinion it doesn’t work as a stand alone beer to enjoy in the AM.

Suggestions are welcomed, but No Philters is going to touch on a variety of topics over the next few weeks including beer pairings and especially with the Summer of Cans starting, canned beer.


cans just cans

Also for those of you wondering, I completed week 2 of the Kettleworx system.  It seems to be going well.  I sweated more this week, but I found the routine to be a bit easier, so it was probably just warmer in my place than it was during week one.   Sadly, no buzzed exercising this week to talk about… sorry Kirk.