I work out one pint at a time (16oz = 1lb)

Tonight I did us all a favor and proved that working out is much more enjoyable when you’ve had a few pints.  Thursday night I found myself drinking a few PBR’s with friends about 15mins from my house.  After 2 hours or so of drinking I left because I told myself that I needed to complete my KettleWorx work out for the week.  Three times a week, 20 minutes a day is what they tell me, so I try to stick to it.  For those of you that know me, I am a) not fat nor b) terribly out of shape, but I am challenging myself to complete this 6 week workout.  Also that guy that hosts this DVD is charming, so I didn’t want to let him down.  It should also be noted that since I am already pretty skinny, so I am only working out with the “resistance” DVD.

First off let me tell you that drinking before you work out is fantastic (DISCLAIMER: I do not advocate drinking and working out.  I do this because I have a popular beer review website.  You, on the other hand, probably have some wedding that you want to look good for even though you hate the woman you are about to marry, which is reason enough to drink, but I digress).  It felt like the time flew by just like the pounds were flying off of my body and being replaced with lean muscle.  Since I completed the workout twice already this week I had basically memorized the different moves that were required, so paying attention wasn’t an issue.  Anyway if you are going to buy these DVDs I would suggest that you get a bigger Kettlebell, because according to their website the DVDs come with a 5lb bell, which is great if you are a pansy and want to get bullied, but I opted for the 20 pounder that I had lying around and it worked out just fine.  The only negative was when I smashed my hand into my ceiling while doing some sort of squat, up punch and wrecked my thumb on my right hand, but I fought through the blood and finished my workout which ends with a pat on the back… I told you he was charming.

Overall I give this workout 4 stars.  I might let everyone know how weeks 2-6 go, if there seems to be an interest in this because as it is I did this review on the fly.