Here at The Brewery we enjoy pop culture, especially movies.  We regularly enjoy beers and other brews that are in movies while watching those movies.  When watching My Bloody Valentine we drink Moosehead.  When watching Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones we drink mead or ale.  When watching James Bond films we drink martinis.  Well apparently that last one is going to change.

In the ever increasing cost to make a Hollywood movie somethings have to give and unfortunately it is not very easy to market a brand when the drink that is made from it has no label.  Bond drinks vodka martinis, so aside from requesting a specific vodka brand when he orders the martini there is no way to really sell the advertising of the brand in the film unless they slap a label on his martini glass or get the stupid Svedka robot serving the drinks or hitting on Bond.  From this stand point it makes sense and the beer they chose was Heineken which I think also makes sense.

Among all of the beers that would have the bank to afford this type of brand recognition I think Heineken is the best choice.  They often appear on higher end restaurant menus and as part of the beer bottle selection in clubs.  I often look at Heineken as a premium beer offering, even though they are really nothing special, and I do enjoy them when they end up in my hand, which isn’t very often.

Regardless James Bond still drinks, so how can anyone complain.  In fact a man of his prestige drinking a beer is great to see, though I am sure drinking booze in a movie will warrant an automatic “R” rating one day because someone will find it offensive.  We have a lot more movie/beer or cocktail pairings and we plan on posting some below, I encourage you to do the same.