Hey Regulars!  Boy do we have an exciting Brewery today for you!  So as you all know, between Happy Hour and The Brewery, Phil and I can get a little behind.  Thankfully we are lucky enough to have kind-hearted adventurous fans who are willing to sharpen the machete and hack their way through a beer review.  Starting today, we present our first (in a hopefully long line) of Guest Beer reviews!  With that said, we proudly present one of our greatest fans, Dave (not dave)!

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At first glance, Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout comes off a bit pretentious. The short neck is quite snooty as it is wrapped in a gold foil and the high-brow label of traditional art adorns the belly of the bottle.  The shape of the glass looks nothing like your standard beer bottle, so you’re undoubtedly going to expect a lot from this beer.

The good news is that all of your expectations are sure to be met. Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout pours a bit thinner than you might expect from an oatmeal stout. It’s not an oily pour by any definition, but it does pour smooth with an almond colored head that grows at just the proper rate. While you’re letting this stout warm up a bit, you’ll notice the head breaks down with an interesting release of carbonation; it’s almost as if the carbon bubbles banded together into 10-15 mega bubbles.

It won’t take long for the head to settle down, and by this time (assuming you served it cold which many of us do), it should be warm enough to delve into. The primary nose of this brew is malted barley, and it’s wonderful. It’s such a clean yet effervescent nose that your mouth is sure to water.

Upon the first sip, you’ll realize this is a much more silky stout than the pour lead on. The flavor is complex but smooth, a pleasant mixture of the oatmeal you’d expect with a hefty load of yeast; the signature mark of this style. The finish is bittersweet, and you’ll be asking yourself if there is a chocolate or caramel in this beer; there isn’t, that’s the malted barley you’re tasting again.

Sip after sip, this oatmeal stout proves itself to be one of the smoothest and most purely flavorful oatmeal stouts on the market. Samuel Smith was careful to avoid the gimmicky approach to this style of beer and the result is pure bliss. For the proud stout fan, this is a must drink. For the beer enthusiast looking to try the best of the best, consider this a must drink.  All in all, Samuel Smith puts out a great product, and the Oatmeal Stout is one of many in their line that will put a smile on your face and some beer in your heart.