Tapa tapa tapa…

The stuffed suits over in Parliament were in for a shock when they piled into Strangers pub in the Commons of London on Monday.  A shiny new traditional English ale was available for consumption and as Shadow equalities minister Kate Green was settling in to have the barman pull her a lunchtime ale she noticed something that she did not like about a certain tap.

The tap was for Slater’s Top Totty Blonde Beer based out of Stafford, UK and featured an attractive lady dressed like a Playboy bunny.  Apparently this tap did not sit well with Ms Green and, like most women when they want something, she complained enough until Commons Leader Sir George Young, who probably just wanted her to shut up, ordered the tap removed from the bar.  Ms Green went on to ask for a debate on dignity at work in Parliament.  It would appear that she is going to ruin everything for everybody.

Now after a bit of research I’ve actually found some taps which some people would find honestly offensive.  Big Dicks Brewing, a home brewer that sells their beer at local events in the Chicago area, uses taps that are dildos.


You can see why someone would find that offensive.


If you want to write a beer review let me know at phil@happyhourcomic.com or I will just do another one.  I’ve been drinking a lot of 21st Amendment, based out of San Fran, lately and would love to let you guys know about Bitter American, their latest session ale.