Have you heard?  90’s boy band, that was literally made up of boys and not men, Hanson is apparently still popular with people.  Their discography runs from 1995 to 2010… yes… 2010 and they have a wide range of awesome merchandise from scarves, buttons, mugs, beer, picks, and… wait a minute, beer?!?!

Hanson has amassed an empire of mediocrity over 15+ years since mmmBop,and now that empire encompasses beer.  According to my sources (the Internet) Hanson’s beer, the aptly named “mmmHop IPA” will be available soon.  Hanson claims that they would only put their name on merch that is up to their standards, so here is hoping that the boys of Hanson really do enjoy a good beer.

Speaking of enjoying good beer The Brewery is looking for beer reviewers.  If you are interested in beer and would like to submit beer reviews or beer suggestions email me, Phil, at  Join the ranks of our amazing beer reviewer Chris and watch as your knowledge of beer gets ejaculated all over the Internet.  You don’t even have to have a particularly good grasp of the English language because we will just take whatever crap you send us and edit the shit out of it.

We are still working out the schedule and the site itself, but I am sure we will have something new next Wednesday.


tebow time


You’ve been bopped…  Dave, Jim and I came up with a hysterical idea that we would go into bars and play “mmmBop” on the jukebox, then yell, “you’ve been bopped” and then dart out of there and post a video of it on the Internet.  Clearly that hasn’t happened yet.  If you do that and it goes viral, give us credit… please.