You all everybody…

The last episode of LOST is Sunday. When I look inside myself and think about LOST I find that I have really been watching it over the past few years, because I had too. I mean I committed myself to the first two seasons, but after watching the second season I didn’t think I could continue on and in fact I didn’t. Then Jim went out and got season 3 and 4 (yes, I skipped 2 seasons) on DVD and I more or less got into it again. For those of you that are huge fans I apologize that I do not share the same passion that you do and I respect your decision to bad mouth this blog on the ‘darkUFO’ forums or LOSTpedia or wherever it is that you weirdos hang out.

If you haven’t heard they are auctioning away a lot of the props from the show. One of the auctions happens to be for a collection of 32 Dharma Initiative Beer Cans, in various condition. That means that some are open, some are closed, and one is crushed. I wonder if the substance contained within the unopened ones is actually beer? I find it doubtful, but when trying to get an actor into a scene what better way than to provide them with an actual product to work with. This also makes me wonder what Dharma beer tastes like, my guess is Budweiser.

This week Jim and I were going to do a Sam Adams brew but we couldn’t get the one we wanted. We ended up getting Terrapin’s Rye Pale Ale. We met Dustin Watts, Terrapin’s VP of Sales and Marketing, at the AC beerfest and he was a great guy who had a lot of passion for the company.  We also find the artwork on the bottles to be fantastic, plus the beer was very good as well. We found it to be quite tasty and very easy to drink. I am always happy when I am able to get great quality and tasting beers in NJ.

Please comment about LOST or Terrapin below… it makes Jim happy.

-Phil Workman