Sometimes The Brewery is about a fun trip or beer destination.  New Brunswick isn’t necessarily a beer destination, but we have drunk a lot of beer there, cumulatively probably most of the beer that we have drank in our lives has been drunk there, so why not.  Also Jim took the time on Monday to write this fun little weekend summary and I didn’t want to waste it.


yes, this comic is a Ghostbusters reference.



Hey Regulars,

For those of you who know me, you know of my love affair with a City.  Not just any City though, I am talking about the central New Jersey Mecca NEW BRUNSWICK.  I don’t just casually visit New Brunswick.  When I know I will be there, it is an event for me.  I view this city the way Children anticipate a trip to Disneyworld.  I can’t wait to go there, and once there I put on Mickey Ears and I never want to leave.

Fortunately for me I was invited to the Rutgers game this past Saturday.  I wasn’t expecting to go (typically Saturday’s are reserved for slaving over this comic strip for you faithful readers).  But once I was committed, I knew that after the Rutgers game New Brunswick wouldn’t be far behind.

After an incredible tailgate, 2 quarters of the Rutgers game and plenty of beer we were off to Hub City!  Our first stop (as always… unless it’s a Sunday morning) was The Old Bay (you more observant readers will recognize the bar of Happy Hour as the main bar of the Old Bay).  Our buddy Myles started serving up some delicious brews.  The Old Bay boasts so many craft beers there it’s ridiculous.  It’s the best place to go for variety and seasonal beers if you ask me.

The next best part of New Brunswick is the walkability.  When you have a nice night like last Saturday, it’s perfect for a walk.  So we left the Old Bay and headed for The Knight Club.  Walking down Easton Ave is always incredible.  You see the stumbling drunks, sometimes you have to dodge vomit, you pass every convenience mart you could fathom and roughly a dozen pizza places.

NOW… I am hoping I just chose poorly, and that this hasn’t become the norm, but I decided to stop in Giovanelli’s for a slice.  I was incredibly disappointed.  New Brunswick Pizza has always been my favorite pizza, but Saturday night scared me.  It was a terrible slice.  The sauce tasted like ketchup, the dough was undercooked and powdery.  Very disappointing.  I’m not writing off the city yet, but I’m totally not going back to Giovanelli’s ever again.  I know the economy sucks, but let’s have some standards man!

So… on to the Knight Club!  We get to the Knight Club just as it is starting to fill up.  Lucky for me I still know the bouncer and the bartender.  It’s always nice to catch up with familiar faces.  A few more light beers, some BuckHunter and I was feeling pretty damn good about my Saturday night.  I’d tell you about how I lost my boot, but maybe that is a story for another time.

Thanks for listening, and like any good night, I wouldn’t have had it if it weren’t for some pretty special people.  So I would like to thank-

Phil, Bryan, Matt, Abby, The Ganch, Paul, Do (not Doug), Pete, Pete and Pete, Alison, Stefonia, Habitat for Humanity Kid, Ryan, Colleen, Anna, Jeff, BuckHunter and of course that special little maniac of mine… Myles.

I am however not thanking Giovanelli’s or the wind on 287.

R.I.P. – My right boot