Beer Caucus 2011…

If you haven’t read Chris’ beer review from this past weekend, 8.21, you should, as it leads into my next sentence…

Did you read it?  Good.  Now go back and read the comments… yes, all of them.

What a work out our comments section had after this weekend!  Myles and Chris had a fascinating debate over whether or not Seasonal Beers are pushed on us too early.  We liked that so much that it inspired today’s strip.  We hope to have more Chris and Myles Adventures in the future.

I honestly have to say that I agree with Myles here.  I think that Seasonal Beers are released too early.  My issue is slightly different though.  It’s not that I am not finished enjoying that season yet, but I feel like I am not ready for the next season of beers to begin.  I might be done with summer, but I’m not quite ready to move onto the coolness of Autumn. For example, in early September I am still not thinking about Pumpkin beers.  I like the air to be a bit crisper out before I start getting into them, but by the time I get into the full swing of pumpkin brews, the harder to acquire ones in my area (Shipyard’s Pumpkinhead) have disappeared off of store shelves.  Now I suppose I could simply purchase them when I see them in the cooler, but I usually don’t think that far ahead.

The seasons do get to me and I usually can’t wait for the summer to roll around so I can start drinking cans of Tecate or those stubby Red Stripe bottles.  Then of course Autumn brings in tasty pumpkin ales and Oktoberfests.  Winter has its strong IPAs, and Ales that keep you warm even on the coldest nights and Spring… well Spring has something I’m sure.

I think one of the issues that coincide with the one that Myles mentioned of having the supply ready to ship is that beer vendors and bars don’t have the space to really allow seasonal or specialty brews to overlap.  If Oktoberfests are still on the shelves in late November, then that leaves less space for a new winter ale.  Since the big three never change and are always taking up a majority of the cooler space, this is clearly a problem.

Bottom line is, we have to learn to deal with it.  Well, either we deal with it or quit drinking, haha. Me personally, I’m going to buy another fridge, get the seasonal beers when they are released, and then get into them when I feel that the time is right.


and now a word from Jim:

I couldn’t resist making Chris and Myles look like Ren and Stimpy in this strip.  It was something about the wording that inspired that feel.  If we ever get inspired by a Chris and Myles debate again in the future, you can count on them returning in this fashion.

And, as far as Seasonal beers being released early… No Sir, I don’t like it.