If you read The Brewery and Happy Hour regularly, then you may have noticed that since 2008, I have been starting a revolution every summer.  The Summer of Cans!  That’s right, The Summer of Cans is back, and what better segue into the start of The Summer of Cans, than with this great article?

The article is about craft brewers, canned beer, and some breweries shifting toward “session beers”.  Session beers, for those of you not in the know, are beers that are typically lower than 5% ABV.  You know, beers that you can drink a bunch of and not feel weighed down or get completely wasted.  Anyone that knows me knows that I prefer “session beers”.  I am excited to see that craft brewers are starting to produce more beers like this instead of 10% double IPAs.

What I am even more excited to see is that Brewers are finally starting to go back to using cans!  Enough of this crap about cans giving beer a “metal taste”.  If your canned beer has a metal taste it, than it predates the 90s, or it’s Beer:30.  I say that because, Beer:30 probably uses water loaded with heavy metal pollutants.  Thus the awful taste of Beer:30!  If you have seen a beer commercial you know that cans now have a liner that protects the beer from a “metal” taste, so there are no more worries there.  Speaking of protecting the beer, since cans are opaque, no light gets through, so the beer is a lot less likely to get skunked.  Also cans are great for beaches, parks, pools, building beer can structures or robots, and wizard sticks.  What’s not to love?!?!

It’s the Summer of Cans 2011.  Junk up, drink canned beer this summer, buy a T-shirt and be sure to follow our Can drinking updates every week, and ALWAYS post any cans you drink that you think might be hard to find!

Also Chris wasn’t feeling well this past weekend, but managed to get us a review, so be sure to come back on Saturday and read his tasty tasty review.  In a not so direct way it ties into last weeks Brewery strip.


Jack: It’s cans. It’s Ok, it’s cans.
Annie: What?
Jack: They were just cans.