Flip Flip Flipadelphia…

City of Brotherly Love, Rocky Balboa, Cheesesteaks, Ben Franklin (along with a few other historical events and people in American history), It’s Always Sunny… all wonderful things, and yet, when I think of Philadelphia, all I can picture is awful awful sports fans.

Recently I was told something I never knew; apparently Philadelphia is considered a great beer city.  Odd that something I love could come from a place I hate.  I am hoping that one day I will be able to change my opinion of the city, because as of now I just assume it’s a place full of people that always act like a-holes.

This week is Beer Week in Philly and I never even gave it a second thought that I wasn’t going to attempt to get down there and check it out.  When my buddy (and Happy Hour character) Myles told me that he was going to attend the Beer Week, I actually wished I had taken off work in order to get down there for a day to see what all the hoopla was about.  Instead, I proceeded to tell Myles that Philly (like Myles) sucks!  For some reason it just seemed like a completely normal reaction, like vomiting after drinking Yuengling or vomiting after seeing two fat people embrace, or vomiting… well you know how vomiting goes, especially if you root for the Phillies.

Anyway, for the sake of craft beer, I hope that Philly Beer Week is always a success.  I hope that Beer Week’s everywhere are always successful.  I just need someone to sit me down, take me out, and show me Philly through their eyes and maybe change my opinion (I’m looking in Myles’ direction).  Everyone tells me it’s a good beer town and that I should check it out.  So here’s the deal, tell me where to go and I will go, and I promise I will attend with a unbiased view.  I won’t take into account how those Filthy Flyers fans act or how terrible the Flyers are in general, or even how they haven’t won a cup in forever… anyway you get my point.

Suggestions?  Post below.