The Brewery, much like it’s older brother Happy Hour, likes to pull newsworthy stories out of the headlines and turn them into strips.  It doesn’t happen all the time, but lately it’s been happening more often than not.  Here is an article that I couldn’t pass up and since we didn’t have anything ready for today, we figured we would give it a go.  I think we came out with a great strip.  Which one of us wouldn’t want to be dipped into a vat of beer, but perhaps the funniest part of the article is that the escape artist, Dean Gunnarson, has never had a sip of beer.  I think it goes on to say that he will avoid “tasting death”… if it doesn’t, perhaps it should.

I love beer, but when I actually think about it I think of that scene in Beerfest and then I think that maybe being submerged in beer wouldn’t be that awesome after all.  I also think about swimming in other things, aside from water… like gold coins.  Scrooge McDuck does it with such grace, like an old, feathered Michael Phelps, but if I were to dive into a giant vault of coins I’d probably break my neck.

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