Little League Chew…

Sorry about the missing strip last week, but the Happy Hour book took priority, so unfortunately The Brewery was left to suffer.  We are back on track though and there should be a Summer of Cans this weekend as well.  I will review a classic, that is going to get, well at least to some of you, a surprising review.

I could not find anything about beer advertisers trying to work their way into advertising at the Little League World Series, as I would guess that none of them would even try.  I also don’t watch the LLWS because I don’t care about the innocence of children growing up or fair play or whatever bullshit adults come up with in order to watch children.  I did, however, find this review of a Little League in Northeast LA.  Apparently “honieebee” is not happy with the way things are run over at the Little League and she has listed her complaints, like any sane person would, on Yahoo.  If you take the time to read her complaints you will immediately surmise that her child is a protected, babied, pansy that should probably be on the gymnastics team and not playing baseball.    Boohoo the coaches are mean, boohoo my kid can’t use the tee.  Also who would complain about under the table beer sales.  Maybe some of these parents can’t get through boring tee ball games without a little help from Uncle Bud.

Seriously though when I watch sports I like to drink beer, but there are plenty of parents out there that are morons and they get drunk and ruin it for everyone else, so beer and alcohol really have no place at the LLWS.

The other aspect of this strip, that really doesn’t have anything to do with beer, is how big these damn 12 yr olds are.  They are all 6 feet tall and weight 180lbs.  They are monsters and it’s just unfair to the Mexican and Japanese kids.


Summer of Cans on Saturday