Ice Ice Baby…

It would seem that Smirnoff Ice is so disliked that people are going out of their way to purchase it in order to give it to their friends to chug as part of a gag.  Something is not right here… disliked, joking, but purchasing?  I find the concept of “Icing” to not only be humorous, but also kind of absurd.  In a sense we (again I think it’s funny, so I do partake) are supporting this terrible beverage just to play a joke on one of our friends.  Though, I am sure that Smirnoff is not upset by this because there must have been a boost in sales.  I do remember reading that they are denying all allegations that they are helping this fad go viral.

Alright maybe these beverages aren’t actually terrible.  They taste like candy, candy that can get you hammered.  The problem is that you look quite gay… offended?… alright you look like a wimpy sissy baby drinking your pansy juice when you drink one, so I suppose that is the ultimate plan of the person doing the “Icing”.  At least the guy purchasing the Ice can make an excuse that it is for his girlfriend or his friend’s mom… when you are caught drinking one, there is no excuse.

If after all this you are wondering what “Icing” is, well it’s when you hand someone a Smirnoff Ice instead of a beer or whatever beverage they requested.  Also, depending on how clever you are, if a person say “hand me the remote” and you slip them a Smirnoff, the same rules apply.   The person that has been given the Ice now has to get down on one knee and chug the Ice, as punishment for getting Iced.  Of course if the person actually requested a Smirnoff Ice, then you should stop hanging out in gay bars if you want to Ice people, unless Icing people is another term for giving dudes handjobs in the back of your Honda Fit, then carry on.

Post your best “ice” stories down below.  I personally would love for a doctor to switch out a newborn with an Ice and wrap it in a blanket and hand it to the new father.  That would be ultimate.  Anyway, Summer of Cans gets a “Gameday”.  Read all about it this weekend.


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