Great Taste…

Sometimes a great tasting beer is only a singular component of having a good time.  The beer doesn’t have to be a hand crafted microbrew that taste like you are drinking from the Hands of God, as long as the ones around you are great people.  The other paradox can happen as well when a great beer is ruined by terrible company.  We entered into this anomaly at the AC Beerfest, perhaps one of the unlikeliest of places.

After having such great experiences talking with the good folks over at Terrapin and St John’s (I mentioned them on Happy Hour’s blog on Tuesday), we made our way over to the Oskar Blues table.  Now we know of them because for the past two years I have done what we refer to as “The Summer of Cans” where I only drink beer from a can.  Since they produce beer in a can and I was wearing my “Summer of Cans” t-shirt, I figured it would be a great opportunity to talk about beer and beer in cans.  I’ve never been more wrong, that fast, in my life.  The yokels behind the table did not seem to know anything about the beer, nor did they care.  In fact, I think they were drunk.  When I asked if they worked for Oskar Blues, the one guy did not and he didn’t know if the guy next to him did… yes the guy standing next to him for what was probably the entire day.  I quickly moved away from their space, with a bitter (not a good hoppy bitterness, the bad kind) taste in my mouth and didn’t look back.

Other than that, I had a great time there.  Here are some pictures.  You may notice that we are looking at our watches a lot and while we do love “Back to the Future” we are actually showing off our Happy Hour Timepieces.  Not only do they look stylish, which I know because Shawn from Burger King thought the watch looked “money”, but they also open bottles.  Follow that link and get yours today.


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