I’m BACK BABY! I’m Bryan Kriser! This is Jim Kohl! And this is BREWERY COMIC! We’ve been gone for a while now and we know you missed us. But we aim to fix that in 2018.

Where have we been you may ask?! Well, Jim has a very demanding schedule and he is the monkey who draws this great thing. So basically, no Jim time equals no comic. But we are determined to make it work this year so with that said, please enjoy the newest BREWERY COMIC!

In the past we have covered tons of great beer topics. Today is absolutely no different. I need to ask, is there anything better then when you drink a nice cold beer and it brings you back to some awesome time in your past? Think of the time you kissed your first love. How about the time you bowled your first perfect game?  When I drink I like to think the time the New York Rangers won the Stanley Cup WAAAY back in 1994 (Jim loves that one) The point being, nothing beats reminiscing and drinking. It truly is a link to the past.

Thankfully, Second Self Beer Company in Atlanta is here to help you remember another great moment from the past. The first time you played Legend of Zelda!

Legend of Zelda is arguably one of the greatest video game franchises of all time. Now it’s getting its own beer. Straight from the great plains of Hyrule, Second Self is bringing you- Tri-force IPA. Tri-Force IPA is inspired by the game and using the Tri-Force relic. The Tri-Force being comprised of three elements of Power, Courage and Wisdom!


Second Self used 3 malts (Oats, Wheat and Barley) and 3 hops (Mosaic, Amarillo and Cascade) to match the Tri-Force power. The beer is a nice hazy 6.1% IPA with 45 ibu. Papaya and mango give it a nice flavor and aroma to compliment a soft flavorful mouth feel.

The beer was released on January 13th with a Zelda themed party and scavenger hunt. Sadly the only way to obtain this magical artifact is to go down to Georgia were Second Self Beer Company is located. My fellow Brewery Comic adventurers if you have the courage and strength go on such a quest, a true reward awaits you at the end!

Remember if you are low on hearts just drink a Tri-Force IPA and you be back to full health in no time!

It’s good to be back!