Welcome back! It has been too long. Today’s VERY special Sunday edition of The Brewery is brought to you especially for one man… Dave Malloy!  Dave is celebrating his birthday and the pending birth of a new child. Dave has been a constant reader for over a decade and I needed to pay respect to that kind of dedication. Without further ado, a special Sunday Brewery.



Today I present to you the Fried Fried Chicken Chicken Beer (that’s the name, not a typo or seizure had while writing).

First let’s get something out of the way. Despite what Demolition Man suggests and despite what you may have seen in some Happy Hour comic strips, I can assure you, there never was a Fast Food War. With that said, Colonel Sanders is not a ranking officer. You see, Kentucky has a fun little option to go to the local government office and apply to be a Kentucky Colonel. It’s true. What that title gives you, I have no idea. But you can do it. I wouldn’t be surprised if all the asshole comedians stooping to play him in the recent onslaught of KFC commercials also got their Kentucky Colonel title… you know, in case any of them are method actors.

So back to the Fried Chicken beer… It is a double IPA style beer hitting you at a nice 8% abv. It was a collaboration between Veil Brewing in Virginia and Evil Twin Brewing in New York (hard to believe they are still gypsy brewing). But these two combined two of the America’s favorite things for our pleasure. (The two things are beer and fried chicken in case you’re not following)

I’m assuming your only question is, does this beer taste like fried chicken? The answer is sadly NO… it does not taste like Fried Chicken. The Colonel can relax. The Veil brewers only used a small amount of Chick-Fil A chicken strips (You can’t drink this beer on Sunday) and dumped them into the vat during the brewing process. The total amount of fried chicken equaled less than .4 percent of the mash. Basically, this is a fun photo opportunity to spark interest in a beer.

However, the beer was heavily hopped which in turn gave it a very fried chicken looking color. That counts for something, right?


This beer was released very late July in the Veil’s tap room and as of this writing it is no longer on tap. The beer currently has an impressing 3.97 rating on Untappd. I never got to try the beer myself, but I assume it’s a nice double IPA. Are there any Double IPA’s that aren’t good?

Finger Licking Good!