The craft beer industry is huge and because of that there are many things that happen within the industry. We have breweries making cereal and dessert beers, meat beers, beer cruises, space beer, fake beer, we have beer yoga, and the list goes on and on.  One of the more exciting beers to write and draw about are, celebrity beers!

Arguably, one of the more famous celebrity beers is currently being produced by the heavy metal band Iron Maiden. Iron Maiden has actually brewed 3 beers so far. Trooper Ale the most popular and easiest to get.  The limited edition Trooper 666 and The Red and Black Porter. They are now coming out with their 4th beer called “Hallowed” sometime in October, and it will be around for about 4 months.

Hallowed is a Belgian style beer with a British twist. This will be the first time they are using Belgian yeast to make one of their beers. Once again they have teamed up with the Robinsons Brewery.  The beer will come in a nice 6% ABV. It should have a great fruity spicy and earthy smell and taste to it.

Without question, the label will feature Eddie. Eddie for those not cool enough to know is the name of the bands famous grim reaper mascot. On Hallowed he will be featured in a Belgian monk robe with a backdrop of stain glass windows to make it look like he’s in a monastery. The name of the beer Hallowed is also a reference to one the band’s songs of their 1982 album “The name of the Beast” called “Hallowed be thy Name”.

Iron-Maiden-Hallowed (1)

It may still be August, but October is right around the corner. So make sure you celebrate the forces of evil favorite month with a beer made by evils favorite band and don’t forget to throw up some devils horns will doing.

Rock on!