WAAAY back in 2014 Phil and I brought you a Brewery Comic and article about Austin Beerworks. The strip was an awesome burn about Dave’s mother, but more importantly, the article was about a brewery that decided to put out a 99 pack of beer. 99 dollars got you 99 beers. I have no doubt that Texas has never been the same.

Now however the 99 pack is for chumps. Finland based brewer Keisari is releasing the 1000 pack or as they like to say in their wild language, “1000-pakki”. The 1000 pack sells for a whopping 2,149.20 Euros. That’s the equivalent of well over 2 dollars per beer here in the states. Clearly not as cost effective as picking up ten 99 packs.

What would prompt the brewery to rack such a massive amount of beer in one vessel? It seems as if competing Finnish brewer Karjala just released a 100 pack. Keisari’s 1000 pack was a fun little jab at their rivals and will likely not be an ongoing offering. So you can cancel the forklift training classes and flight to Finland.

The beer itself is a premium lager clocking in at an easy drinking 4.5% and 24 IBU’s. I think it goes without saying, if you’re going to have 1000 beers, they better be sessionable.

Kei copy

Understandably the 1000 pack is not the easiest way to purchase, store or get beer. So the retailers carrying the 1000 pack plan to break up the contents for standard resale if the 1000 pack isn’t sold as one unit prior to May 1st.

Of course, with summer day drinking and barbeques right around the corner, I wouldn’t want to be the guy who ran out of beer because I passed on the 1000 pack.