In what seems to be the next growing trend, brewer’s are trying new ways to incorporate other types of food into their beer making process. Snacks (like last article’s Oreo beer) and breakfast cereal seem to be the most popular right now. Unless you’ve already had a few brews, you wouldn’t want to pour some beer into your cereal bowl. However, using 100 of pounds of cereal to help make a new favor profile for your beer? That is a much better idea!

Somerville Brewing – Slumbrew from Somerville Massachusetts, is going to be releasing a Belgian triple brewed with Cap’n Crunch’s Crunch Berries cereal. This mash up clocks in at a healthy 9% with a light fruity note from the cereal. Somerville named the beer “Saturday Morning” because the brewery plays cartoon network in its taproom on weekends. Odd choice of television to show in a place that sells beer, but HEY! You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning. Why not watch cartoons?

They released the brew sometime around St. Patrick’s Day. It was available in taproom and locally in Somerville, Mass. Unfortunately that means most of our readers probably didn’t get a chance to try it.


But, don’t be discouraged, the way things are going, it seems we are destine to end up drinking all the cereal we had as a kid in beer form. Cookie Crisp Stout, Honey Nut Brown Cheerios, Cinnamon Porter Toast Crunch, the ideas are limitless. And if you don’t want to wait, make your own. DogfishHead created a nifty little device called “Randall Jr.” it allows you to steep some new flavors (like dry hopping) into individual glasses of beer.

The next time you’re in the supermarket in the cereal aisle, look at all the boxes and stop and think “hey you know, that would make a great beer!” Plus how much fun would it be to say that beer is a part of a complete breakfast?



I just want to let our readers know that on April 1st Jim and I will be attending the Atlantic City Beer festival. Jim will be working the show and I will be there to drink. My goal is to give  the reader a detailed review of the show and the beer there as well keep it funny! Hopefully I can have some fun stuff for you guys sometime in early April maybe even a video or two, we will see. I look forward to writing some really good stuff for you guys soon!