Long ago when I was a kid, one of my favorite snacks were Oreo cookies. Everyone knows Oreo’s. Picture those chocolate cookies with that yummy cream filling. They pair perfectly when dunked into a nice cool, glass of milk. As an adult who doesn’t work one day a year on December 25th, I am not much of a milk drinker or cookie eater.

However, as the readers of this article are fully aware, I do enjoy my beer. So when I found out there was an Oreo Cookie beer you bet my interest was piqued!

The Veil brewery Company in Richmond VA has just release their Hornswoggler Chocolate Milk Stout (no relation to WWE midget wrestler Hornswoggle). The best part of this beer is that it is conditioned in hundreds of pounds of Oreo cookies.


After conditioning, they canned the beer and sold them for $17 a 4 pack.  And, guess what, they sold out immediately. If you feel like a road trip to Richmond, Virginia, the beer is still on tap.

It’s worth noting, this is not the first dessert beer our clever country has brewed up.  Our friends over at New Belgium with the help of Ben and Jerry’s, made a chocolate chip cookie dough ale! Also famous cereal maker General Mills has sent tons of boxes of Count Chocula cereal to Colorado’s Black Bottle Brewery to make their seasonal “Cerealiously” Count Chocula beer.

I can already picture walking into the brewery and seeing Cookie Monster just sitting there drinking this beer. I look forward to the day the Twinkie beer is invented… but until then a guy can only dream.