I believe that people do a lot of crazy things in the shower. I’m certain people cry in there. No doubt people wash certain spots longer than needed. I bet they even like to sing Taylor Swift songs (guilty as charged on all accounts). But, how about drinking a beer in a shower?

Almost every beer loving nut has had to have tried it once or twice. Seriously, what better way to start off your morning then with a frosty brew in a hot shower? It’s like a match made in heaven… unlike everyone of Taylor Swift’s relationships.

Well, the shower beer has just reached the next level my friends! I present to you Shower Beer!  That’s right, they named it “Shower Beer”, very creative and straight to the point. This lovely brew is the brainchild of Swedish creative agency Snask along with PANG PANG Brewery. They made a nice strong pale ale in a perfect little 6 oz bottle meant to be consumed in about 3 sips. The idea for the beer is be a pregame of sorts before you hop out of the shower and get ready for a night on the town. Or, maybe it’s a beer after a long day at the office where you barely survived not killing Janet in receiving (there is always a Janet at work trust me).

This new shower buddy checks in at a nice 10%, so too many of these and you might be sleeping in the shower on a bed of broken shower beer glass. Snask describes the beer as strong but sweet and not surprisingly, the first batch has already sold out.  Thankfully a second batch is being brewed as you read this. The beer is heavily hopped and has a citrusy taste.

So, join me for a shower beer…and I don’t actually me join me that’s kind of weird and creepy. Unless you’re a hot lady, then we can chat. But for the rest of you, the next time you’re in the shower say “hey you know what would make this shower even better?  A nice shower beer!”

Soaps up!