Can you even fathom that we all made it to 2017?! There are some awesome things we get to enjoy living in this point in history. We have amazing sports, we have 4K TV, incredible movies and we even have some great music… well, we use to have great music…

I am a sucker for movies, sports and music beer crossovers. You can pretty much guarantee anytime any of those things mix with beer, I will write you guys an awesome article about it. Not all of these crossovers are worth your while, some sound awful, some just seem like money making schemes, but some sound downright fantastic. This particular crossover falls into that last category.

The 80’s brought us some of the best music ever created- Gun’s and Roses, The Bangles, Steve Winwood, Tears for Fears, any hairband you can think of… OH, and Rick Astley!

YEP! You heard me right, Rick Astley. Rick was a national treasure with his soulful voice to his epic dance moves and his bright red hair (damn soulless gingers).

Rick Astley is probably most famous for being an internet sensation because of the prank of his song “Never Gonna Give You Up.”  It became known as being Rick Rolled. Well, now Mr. Astley wants to have his own beer.

Astley is currently working with Mikkeller Brewery in Copenhagen. There is minimal details on the brew right now. However, everything points to this beer happening soon. As of right now Astley who claims to love beer has decided that he would like a fruity pilsner lager. I look forward to the name they choose for this beer as it will hopefully be epic.

Join in the excitement as we wait for more updates that will hopefully give use not only a great beer but many possible Rick Astley pranks not just on the internet but in real life as well!

Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you…