The Biggest!

I try to avoid writing these articles because I honestly I could probably do one twice a week. Plus Jim can barely keep up with the artistic output as it is. I mean there is always some brewer out there making a beer for some famous snob, celebrity or stupid politician.

But then I recently came across one great celeb beer that needed to be praised and brought to you readers.

I like Sam Adams beer overall.  Jim Koch is cool guy who really helped get craft beer to where it is now-a-days. I don’t find myself ordering Sam Adams at a bar anymore, but I still enjoy a Summer Ale and Winter Lager from time to time. Sad to say they are really one of the big guys now and just not something I seek out. But they may have peaked my interest with this one.

In honor of the greatest DH in baseball history retiring, Sam Adams is making a beer in David Ortiz honor. It is call the “Big Hapi” for Ortiz’s nickname “Big Papi”. I love the name.

Big Hapi is a double IPA and went on sale November 4th. Only 541 bottles were sold because that is the number of home runs Big Papi hit in his career. The best part is all the proceeds went to charity. The charity in this case being The David Ortiz Children’s Fund. It’s safe to say with a brewer like Sam Adams and a player like Big Papi, those bottles were gone quicker than a pinch runner.

The Big Hapi was made using over 5 pounds of hops per barrel then dry hopped with different varieties of Pacific Northwest hops and finally infused with mango juice. The bottles sold for $29.00 and were only available at the Sam Adams Boston brewery.

If you see one around or know someone who got one, we’d love to hear what you thought. It’s good to know Sam Adams can still intrigue the beer world.