If you are a beer drinker, and that’s a solid guess considering the article you are currently reading. But if you are a beer drinking bloke like me, then you know you can come across some crazy and interesting beers. Thai chili beer, Garlic beer, maple bacon beer, banana split beer, and even ghost pepper beer, which seriously must hurt to drink. Well leave it to our good friends down under (pronounced Down Undah) to top all of those. I give to you- Belly Button Beer.

You definitely read that correctly.  Those wild Aussies made a beer using the yeast that comes from your very own belly button fluff. CRIKEY!

Melbourne’s 7 Cent Brewery did their research by first growing their belly button fluff yeast in petri dishes and used the help of science to help identity yeast colonies. Isn’t science rad?

Now, the unique and incredible nature of this beer aside, I think we can all agree that nobody wants to drink a beer that tastes like a belly button. To offset that horrifying image, they added orange zest and coriander and a kangaroo’s pouch of hops. I assume that is how they measure things in Australia. The finished product ended up being a Belgian Witbier.

For those deeply entrenched in all things beer related, it should come as no surprise that 7 Cent Brewery says they were inspired by Oregon brewery Rouge Ales who produce a beer from beard yeast. The yeast in that scenario was cultured from 9 beer hairs of brewmaster John Maier into an American Wild Ale.

Belly button beer was specially brewed for the 2016 Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular or GABS as those koala lovers call it.  7 Cent Brewery has been making special beers for the festival for a while. One of their previous offerings was Hipster Beer, and that was made with kale, quinoa and chia seeds and probably a lot of self-satisfaction and irony.

So if you ever wanted to know what your belly button lint tastes like in beer form, and really, who hasn’t?  Just go down to the Outback and grab yourself a Belly Button Beer and bottoms up… or should I say belly’s up?

G’day Mates!