Fountain of Brewth

People love to travel. But it seems the same places are visited time and time again. Paris, London, Mexico, Merica! What makes these destinations stand out amongst others? Great food, great sporting events, history and of course, beer!

London has Big Ben, Parliament and all sorts of hidden pubs with cellar beer ripe for quaffing. America has tons of great cities with attractions, sports and currently amazing beers. But what about those cities and countries no one is visiting? How do they get their fair share of the tourism market?

Well, it looks like Slovenia has decided to tap into our hearts and beer guts. They will soon boast a beer fountain. Let your imagination run wild, but it is a fountain that instead of sprouting water will sprout beer.

The fountain will be built in Zalec which is known for its hop plantations and will cost an estimated $400,000. That modest price has me thinking we will be seeing a few more beer fountains popping up. With any luck, we will get a bigger and better one stateside.

Back to Slovenia. Tourists to the fountain can try 3 different Slovenia beers straight from the fountain. They will pay about six euros ($7 American monies) for three 10.5 fl oz glasses served in a commemorative mug.

While we have all dreamed of swimming in beer and having our own continuous fountains of beer, the idea actually comes from another town in Slovenia who uses a fountain to provide hotel guests with free mineral water. Apparently Slovenia has a hard-on for public drinking fountains. What an odd thing to rally around. Then again, Philadelphia rallies around a sandwich and they clearly have inferior bread to the chosen people here in the Northeast.

So next time you are planning a trip to Europe do not forget to include Slovenia on your list. I can’t imagine anyone who doesn’t want to drink a bunch of beer from a dirty fountain in a town in middle of nowhere in Europe.