A bit of a stretch…

What’s better than drinking a beer after working out? How about drinking a craft beer in a brewery after doing yoga with a bunch of chicks? Well, that porno plot is not just fiction anymore. That is right, the next big craze is here, yoga and craft beer!

All around the country yoga studios have come up with a great idea to combine their yoga instruction with craft beer. It opens the door to more people, especially men to try something new. Giving yoga a whirl and then finding a new beer to enjoy.

One of the proponents of this movement is Beth Cosi. Beth is the founder of Bendy Brewski in Charleston, South Carolina and Memphis, Tennessee. Bendy Brewski runs a class right at the participating brewery for a mere $15. The class itself is only 45 mins long and afterwards all of the students get to enjoy a free beer at the brewery!

The trend is slowly catching on with Florida, New York and California joining in on the fun. This new trend has created a huge buzz. Not only does it bring beer to yoga people, it brings beer people to yoga. The members of the class have at least two things in common and it’s probably a really social time. And since breweries usually have a grainy smell in the air, you can probably fart as much as you want while stretching.

And never missing an opportunity to make some money, yoga apparel companies are getting in the act. LuLu Lemon has partnered with a brewery in Canada to release its own limited edition crafted beer. It’s called Curiosity Lager and it is a session lager that is 4.6%. I am sure this seemed like a great idea, but I cannot image any red blooded American male standing around holding a “Curiosity Lager”.

Anyway, this is not the first time we have reported on the linking of exercise and beer. There are a lot of options out there. So make sure you are working out more than just lifting 16 ounces to your lips. Get off that bar stool and stretch out that beer gut.

Namaste Bitches.