It’s good…

Hey Regulars, you may need to pull your stool a little closer to the bar when you read this. Are you holding on? Good.

I am not a great judge of beer.

Did you prevent yourself from falling off of your stool? Good.

Here’s the thing. I LOVE beer. I have drank a lot of beer. I have had the worst beer in the world, I have made beer and I have traveled to find some of the rarest beer ever made. I have gulped American light beer like it was going extinct, and I have sipped some of the best beers ever crafted. Truth be told, I like them all. They each offer their own experience to the palette.

The reason I bring this up is because I have a lot of people find out about my beer pedigree and I lose them. They hear I draw beer labels, they hear I make an award winning beer comic, they hear I draw for the most distributed beer newspaper in the world, they hear I drink at craft bars, they see my staggering UNTAPPD check ins… they hear all of this beer info about one man and they have no choice.

The people who know these things all cower in a corner and think, “we’re not worthy Jim!”

I am here to tell you, no one is unworthy. No one needs to feel like they cannot access beer. The only true requirement in loving and knowing beer, is being open to any beer you are offered.

All too often people say “I hate IPA’s” or “I don’t like dark beer”. Statements like that are exactly what will hold people back from finding that special beer.

It is easy and somewhat necessary to pigeonhole beer types. Profiling like that makes it easy to understand the beer. But more often than not it also steals the beer’s identity.

Beer is like the human race. Sure, you can say something is “American” because it is produced here. But sometimes that “American” beer has hints of Germany and England in it (not a shabby combo). Or an Italian beer will be aged in Scotch Barrels. There are so many beer mutts out there that it is foolish to limit or profile a beer.

In sum, use this New Year to try something you think you hate. Find a beer style you had previously written off and give it another chance. There are so many breweries tapping into the same style, you are bound to find that one that makes your taste buds sing.