A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Never mind, who am I kidding? Right here in this galaxy, and in the relatively close state of Delaware, the force has awoken in one brewery. The midi-chlorian count is through the roof over at Mispillion River Brewing. These wise brewers have created a beer that the galaxy… and to a lesser extent, Delaware, has never seen before.

To tie into the latest Star Wars release, the brewery unveiled “Vader”. Vader is a draft exclusive Black Double IPA. The Star Wars inspired beer was released recently and they gave a few lucky customers a commemorative glass.

According to Mispillion’s President, Eric Williams the release party included many patrons in costume for a sip of the Sith lord inspired brew. People in costume for a Star Wars inspired event should really come as no surprise. In fact, a more shocking press release would have been, “…and literally no one dressed up. It was weird. We thought one guy was dressed as Chewbacca, but he was just a hairy guy.”

Back to Vader, the beer itself is has multiple hops. It used Citra, Simcoe, and Mosaic hops with minimal roast to extend a bitterness. The hops were likely roasted with a gentle caress of a red lightsaber, though at this time Mispillion has made no such claim. Vader has a balance of a light body IPA but has a dark appearance.  Much like the beer’s namesake, it is struggling with the light and dark side of the force.

Unfortunately, Vader was released exclusively on draft.  But, Delaware restaurants and growler retailers began carrying the beer on the 28th of December. If for some reason you are going somewhere important and you drive through Delaware, or if you get lost and end up in Delaware use the force and guide yourself to a pint of Vader.

And as always… may the force be with you. Happy New Year.

Jim & Phil (and Bryan)