The Pope came and left us. I am sure he blessed a few things. Shared a few Pope jokes with the Obamas and cranked that FIAT up to 40 on some American Highways. But, while he was here, there was something else holy brewing down in South Jersey.

You may remember our good friend Ryan Krill from the Cape May Brewing Company. If you don’t remember him, go ahead and pull up our interview from April 1st of this year and get refreshed. Anyway, Ryan and Cape May brewed up 500 gallons of a hoppy pale ale that that they named “You Only Pope Once”.

The beer’s name of course is a reference to the YOLO (You Only Live Once) movement and to the duration of Pope-ing. You become Pope and that’s about it. You either die, or give up. But “YOPO” as it’s been dubbed was released on September 21st and is available at Cape May’s brewery, and of course at select bars in that filth hole Philadelphia.

The pale ale clocks in at 5.5% and is only available on draft. I do not know how much is left, I can assume it was a hot seller when the Pope was in Murica. If you had a chance to taste the Papal beer, please let us know in the comments below.