Last weekend my gal and I took a drive up to Massachusetts to visit my younger sister. I decided that while I was up there, I would take the opportunity to visit some breweries and drink some really good beers.

My first stop was Harpoon Brewery located right in Boston. The Harpoon Brewery is humongous. It is one of the biggest breweries I have ever been to. Their tap handles are a deep orangey yellow with a harpoon hook in gold plating at the tip. Their tap handle is so iconic, they even turned one of their outside silos into a giant tap handle, complete with spearhead. It is impressive.

I arrived too late to catch a tour of the brewery. At this point, I have been on a lot of brewery tours, and short of seeing a brewery that uses a human centipede instead of a filtering hose, I was confident I was not missing too much. Luckily, I was able to get to their taproom. The taproom is massive and has a window that looks directly into the brewery. The brewery itself looked like a chemical plant from Batman. There were catwalks and huge barrels and vats everywhere. It was a great view to take in while crushing some brews.

Harpoon is an established brand, so their beers are all very tasty and technically good. They offer four 5 ounce pours in the form of a flight. Each flight is set up the way the taps are, and coincide with the boards that present the beers. It’s a flawless system. Some breweries use chalk to let you know which beers you have, some slide a strip of paper with your own writing down next to your flight. Harpoon took out all of the guess work and had the beers in their spots and numbered, even pouring the flight seemed thoughtless. A quick flip of the taps, and then shutting them off in that same order, it was efficient because it needed to be, the tasting room was packed.

They had a great store and growler station you needed to pass through to get in and leave. Their wearables intrigued me and I left with 70.00 less in my bank account. Harpoon has a side brand called UFO which only releases fruit, wheat and shandy beers so far. It is basically Harpoon’s way of saying “suck a dick Blue Moon.”

I stayed about an hour and tasted all of their beers. It’s a great place to go even though I missed the tours. So at this time I can only speculate how they make their beer. Next week I will write about where my adventures led next.