Bock Lobster

Most of the time when beer and wine are discussed with decedent food items, it is because they pair well with each other. You have no doubt spent an evening sipping beer out of a glass slipper in the Hamptons and marveled at how the subtly of that beer’s hops compliment the nuttiness of the cheese platter. Oh you haven’t? Well you simply must! The pairing I am about to discuss takes indulgent food and beer to a whole new level.

Oxbow Brewing in Maine has brewed a lobster beer. The lobster beer is not just a brew that goes well with lobster. They actually cooked several lobsters in the beer. This should rank as probably the best form of death for a lobster, and certainly better than cannibalism (more on that later).

According to Brewmaster Tim Adams, the lobsters are placed in a mesh bag and suspended in a kettle full of boiling wort. This lobster teabag is dropped in during the brewing process. Adams was quoted saying, “the lobsters add a subtle brininess and sweetness that lobster fans will recognize.” The finished beer will be a 4.5 percent saison. There was no word if this beer is best served with a warm butter shooter on the side. A bib featuring a lobster however is not only acceptable, but recommended.

As you Brewery regulars are aware, this is not the first beer to have food items brewed into it. Rogue used sriracha to make their disappointing Sriracha Stout. Chicago’s Moody Tongue Brewing Company recently released a beer made with black truffle. The price tag on that bad boy is $120 a bottle. You will definitely want to imbibe that out of a glass slipper. And let us not forget whale meat, black garlic and of course bull testicles, all of which have been the basis of a Brewery strip in the past.

Speaking of the past, back in the day when Phil and I were bright eyed college students with dreams of grandeur, we used to often eat at the dining hall. Once a semester they would have “King Neptune Night”. During this event, they offered us college kids a taste of the sweet life and all we could eat lobsters. This was our first foray into what would be many beer and cheese parties in the Hamptons.

After any King Neptune night Phil liked to use the lobster carcasses to create miniature scenes. He would then leave these dioramas on the table for the next group of kids to see. The most memorable scene he created was a lobster with a makeshift bib holding a fork and knife leaning over the eaten shell another lobster. Phil’s cannibal lobster is often reminisced about and always mentioned when lobsters are eaten with friends. Now Phil will have to use two bottles of Oxbow’s lobster saison to make it look like the one bottle is drinking the other.


Jim Kohl