Philly Beer Week: The Myles Chronicles

I was tired of waiting for an article from Myles about all of the amazingness that Philadelphia Beer Week has been known to provide, so I instead picked up my phone and gave Myles a call. He answered groggily and said the check was in the mail. I let him know it was his old buddy Jim, and not a filthy debt collector.

I told Myles I thought an interview style article would be fun. He mumbled in agreement as he shuffled to his refrigerator to find some nourishment for his hangover. I asked him when he started going to Philly Beer Week. He stated “I’ve been going to beer week in Philadelphia for at least 5 years now.”

I wanted to know if Philly Beer Week was for everyone, or just Eagles and Flyers fans. Myles provided a simple two step method to determine if you were an eligible attendee. He said “If you’re not familiar with beer week and you love beer A. What the heck is wrong with you?!? B. Get your butt down to Philly next year!” His method seemed flawless.

I wanted to know what Philly Beer Week meant to Myles. He stated “So Philly beer week is a nine daylong celebration of all things beer (and cider too). There are literally a thousand different events in and around Philadelphia. They even have their own app.” I replied acknowledging that most things now-a-days including the homeless people of Philadelphia have their own app.

Myles persisted that this was not just an app for homeless people, this app had merit. ”It lets you browse the events by day, type, brewery, venue, educational, promotions, happy hours, meet the Brewers. I could go on forever about how awesome the app is but the main point is if you plan on coming to beer week get the app and use it!” This is seemingly more flawless advice from my hungover friend.

I was already on board to attend next year, and to download this miraculous app, but I wanted to know what else to expect from Philly Beer Week. “A lot of the events are stupid happy hours or promotions by semi-beer bars trying to drum up more business, I skip those. Some are tap takeovers.” I commented that this amount of in your face beer action must be hard to navigate. Myles would blow my mind once more with his final piece of advice,” I choose wisely, I don’t go to a local beer tap takeover I can get awesome local beer any day of the year. The things I look for and go to are out of state, far away and new breweries coming to Philly for the first or maybe second time.”

I was feeling confident that I could be a person at Philly Beer Week. The advice and ramblings of my drunk friend were inspiring me. I asked about the breweries that were there. What could a guy look forward to. Myles excused himself from the phone to cough up some phlem from the night before. When he returned he said ” Ever heard of Funky Buddha? Or Trinity brewing? I didn’t think so. Both amazing breweries!” I said those sound amazing. I wanted to know more.

Myles tapped his fingers rhythmically and began speaking a few times and kept cutting himself off. Between the rapid fire “umms” and “ughhs”, Myles finally said, “Forgive me for all the hazy details, I hope you can understand and sympathize, drinking beer for a week will make things a little hard to remember.”

I’ll be it does Myles… I’ll bet it does.


-Jim Kohl