Never Learn

Well, as you can imagine, I never learn my lesson. I had expected today’s brand new Brewery strip to be a recap of Philly Beer Week from the Brewery’s very own on the scene reporter, Myles. However, Myles failed to get me an article on time. This caused me to reflect on my own life and inability to learn.

Myles is a great guy, but he is scatterbrained at times, and an article about that sweet nectar of the gods, Beer, must have fallen to the wayside. I assume something more important came up, or he was distracted by something shiny. Whatever the reason, he promised we would have an article by next week. Fingers are firmly crossed.

The comic for this strip is depicting a memoir of Drawing and Drinking, those are two things I have melded together masterfully in the last decade. Some of you readers may not be aware, but along with the duties of Happy Hour (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and The Brewery (Wednesdays), I am also the staff artist for the number one beer publication in the country, Ale Street News. I make pretty pictures for them every two months or so. They have on occasion even asked me to make things look less like the comics I put out and more or less images that will blend into the background. I’m kidding, they treat me very well. In fact just last issue they gave me a whole 3 hours turn around time on some images. I’m kidding… or am I?

I have also started doing some beer labels for the Bolero Snort Brewery right here in beautiful New Jersey. You can pick up the Tabull Saison or the El Matador to see my latest work. As I write this, I am headed out to meet the Bolero founder Bob Olsen to discuss some new images for new beers. It is a very exciting process that takes a commitment to beer drinking to accomplish. Thank goodness I am willing.

Well, with that, I will let you Regulars go. I know we have some fun stories coming up in the following weeks, and with any luck Myles will come through for us next week


Jim Kohl