Super Fun Beer Delivery

Tired of putting on clothes, going all the way to the store to buy a keg of beer and then lugging it all the back to your home before you can enjoy it? Well, Japan’s second biggest brewer Kirin Beer will begin delivering kegs directly to your door starting this August. Unfortunately, this soft roll out is only available in Japan and some neighboring areas.

Not surprisingly, the on-demand service will not be as “on-demand” as advertised. It will be limited to two 2-liter-kegs per month. Two liters is not exactly enough for a rager, but it will definitely get you and your geisha through a few meals with a fresh beer at the table. As responsible beer drinkers, that is all that really matters.

Kirin will also bring a service system that keeps the keg cold and pours a nice foamy glass of beer at your desire. The Japanese tend to like their beer foamy for no other reason than they think it is delicious. I can think of several college parties that the Japanese would have loved with that being the case.

Like America, craft beer is booming in Japan, this new delivery system just might grab Kirin some extra market share. Why go someplace for fresh beer when you can queue up the Netflix and pour your own right at home? And if you are staying home, how will you ever see what new beers are out there? Well played Kirin, keep those beer drinkers locked away.

Kirin mentioned that the service will offer seasonal beers to stay festive. The seasonal beers have an added bonus of giving you more options than just chugging Kirin all month. They also mentioned that as the service expands, there will likely be the option for more beer deliveries. Phew!

While this does not directly affect us in the good ole USA, it just might give one of the 3,400 licensed breweries in this country something to consider. The only question now is, what do you tip the beer keg delivery guy?