High Class Hookers

I am not Jeremy Wade. I am however a markedly less talented fisherman. While I do not travel to foreign countries in the search of legendary river monsters, I still find time to throw a hook in a local body of water and hope for the best. As with most of the events and doings in my life, I like to incorporate beer.

My father taught me how to fish. It is a simple act. You start with between 18 to 30 ice cold Coors Light’s, a fishing pole and some worms. You open a Coors Light, you put the worm on the hook and then you throw the hook into the water. Now, here comes the tricky part. The hook and worm will entice fish to their presence in the river bottom, and you will drink beer after beer until you have decided you are done fishing. If you catch a fish at any point it is considered a “great” day of fishing. If you do not catch a fish, you have at least enjoyed a few beers. This scenario is considered a “good” day of fishing. I have used this measurement of fishing almost exclusively… until recently.

Any good beer lover will tell you that as they get older, and they try new things, their beer palette becomes more advanced, they start to crave certain styles, and some of the more mainstream beers will not fit the bill. I had a fishing trip coming up about a week ago and decided to put my foot down. I would tell my father that I would not be using Coors Light as my measurement for a good day of fishing. At this time of this writing we still haven’t spoken… I’m kidding. He replied “sure, just don’t drink my Coors Lights.”

My stance now left me with a question. Which beer do I bring for a long day of fishing at sea? Most charter boats last about 8 hours. You set sail as your captain stalks down schools of fish and for the most part you enjoy the fresh sea air, and of course a few cold ones. I needed a beer that would last me all day and not annihilate me.

I used the context clues of life and chose New Jersey’s own Carton Brewing for my beer on this trip. The beer of course was none other than Boat Beer. These nifty beers are a 4.2 session ale that offers itself to you in 4 pack pint cans. It was the perfect beverage for a day on the sea. Plus if you find yourself out of bait, tying a shiny can to your line with a hook just might catch you the big one.

I am sad to report I did not catch anything, but I can still say I had a “good” day of fishing.


Jim Kohl