Part III

First, let me say I am aware of the late updates on the Brewery. Today’s article will be the last time that it is up late. Phil and I have been doing a few transitional things with the comic and of course trying to consume as much beer as humanly possible and yes… have lives. With that said, leg three of my journey continues now, and tune in next week for a brand new Brewery offering.

Now where was I? Oh yes… my enemy.

The hotel I was booked at happened to be directly next door to the Tampa based Yuengling Brewery. Yes, I know, they are multiplying. I managed to give Yuengling the middle finger on each entrance and departure from my hotel. My hope was that some corporate bigwig saw my distaste in their product and decided to cancel all future production of the stuff. Time will tell.

The final brewery of my Tampa adventure was Southern Brewing & Winemaking. The facility itself was a small room with a bar along the wall. It reminded me of those old time general stores, it smelled deeply of wood and grain and had plenty of shelves with beer making accessories. It was a nice place with a quiet staff. I ordered a flight and tasted their Brett IPA, Inglorious Hefe, Not Your Heidi Klum Blonde Ale and Hopburst Calypso. All of their beers were solid. My heart was broken when I saw the greatest name for a beer ever, and they told me they were out.

Southern’s graham cracker flavored porter is named Jean Claude Van Graham. As you can imagine, I am making it my life’s mission to taste this beer at some point. While breweries today have no lack of creative puns and pop culture references, I am also giving Southern Brewing & Winemaking props for the name Funky Kolsch Medina.

My trip ended and I drove to the airport making sure to give the middle finger to Yuengling one more time. I had a lot of beers and a lot of fun. I have to thank Phil’s brother Bryan who took this Floridian Beer tour with me and was the one driving me around. I also have to thank UNTAPPD for a being the best app in the world. Finding beers, breweries and bars is incredibly useful on vacation. It also helped in preparing these articles. I do not think I would have remembered all of the beers without it.