New Year, New Brew!

Throw away your 2014 calendar and hang up that brand new 2015 calendar. The best part about that calendar is that it is blank. We are all staring at a blank canvas of a year ready to be filled in with the moments and memories of our lives. I personally am already planning a few trips and making sure to map out some brewery visits along the way.

I can honestly say I did not get out to as many breweries as I wanted to last year. I decided that this year I would resolve to change that. Do you know the best way to keep a resolution? You write it down. So, I am presenting to you a loose sketch of my planned (non-local) brewery visits this year.

My first brewery visit is in the sunshine state. At the end of March I am planning a visit to Cigar City Brewing in Tampa, Florida. Cigar City Brewing is without a doubt one of Florida’s most amazing attractions that is not a theme park. I have been lucky enough to have a few Cigar City beers in the past, but I am definitely in the market for more. Number one on the list is their Cucumber Saison, a low gravity saison with notes of refreshing cucumber, sounds perfect to beat the sunshine heat.

At the beginning of May my cousin is getting married out in sunny Palm Springs, California. I plan to turn that little trip into a beer adventure. I do not have the entire brewery tour planned, but I know it will include a stopover at Coachella Valley Brewing Co. CVB is known for one of my favorite styles of beer, Kolsch. Their Kolschella is a light bodied ale which has been lagered for that crisp finish you expect in a summer beer.

On New Year’s Eve a good friend of mine grabbed a growler of the 08087 Smash Ale from New Jersey’s own Pinelands Brewing Company. Ideally I will head down to Pinelands sooner rather than later, but if all else fails, I will make a trip there when I am in Long Beach Island, NJ in July. A growler of the 08087 with its grapefruit and citrus notes will be the perfect accompaniment to a night of outdoor grilling.

Last but not least, I will make a trip up to see my sister in Boston, Massachusetts at some point this year and sneak in a visit to the Harpoon Brewery while I am up there. Of course, all of these events will be elaborated on in this article throughout the coming year.


-Jim Kohl