Winter Warmer

That icy cold chill in the air can only mean one thing, it’s time to open your storage container and take out your winter jacket. Did you find money in it? I like to consider the money I find in my seasonal clothes a present from my past self. Clearly the previous winter version of me had better things to think of than that extra ten dollar bill lying around. So here I am in December with a red hot ten dollar bill burning a hole in my pocket. What to do?

Since you are here at The Brewery, I assume you expect me to give you some beer advice. I will further assume that you have all been good little boys and girls this year. I hope I am correct, checking a list twice seems like too much work. With that said, I feel confident sharing my holiday beer list with you. Please get out a pen and paper.

I always procrastinate my holiday errands. The beer I choose for last minute shopping and listening to Run, Run Rudolph is “Holiday Cheer” by the good folks at the Spoetzl Brewery. You may know them better as the makers of Shiner Bock. Spoetzl makes a playful peach and pecan dunkelweizen called Holiday Cheer that compliments your quick dash through the holiday season.

Inevitably the shopping is done, the presents are wrapped and I need a beer that will warm me inside. I turn to the one brand that means as much as my family does around the holiday season, Samuel Adams. Every year Sam Adams puts out their “Winter Lager”. The Winter Lager is so warming and comfortable, that it is the liquid form of the yule log. If this beer does not warm you with the hints of ginger, orange peel and holiday spice, then you just might be the Grinch.

Keep in mind, I will be cracking open a Sam Adams Winter Lager this upcoming Christmas morning and thinking about all of the gifts this last year has brought me. I am lucky to have great friends, a great family, and most of all, a great readership. I hope wherever you are when you read this, you take a moment to open a beer and think about what has meant the most to you this year.

Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, until the next round! Cheers!

-Jim Kohl and Phil Kriser