I drank my beer before it was cold

Hipsters rejoice!  Pabst is bringing back another retro brand beer for all of your 1 year old birthday party needs.  Now while talking about the $2,500 stroller that your parents bought you or work, just kidding! Hipsters don’t have jobs, they have parents!  But seriously, now while discussing the bands you liked before everyone else did, you can be drinking a beer that may actually taste good!

Pabst brewing is bringing back Ballantine IPA since IPAs are super popular and hipsters will buy anything that looks retro.  How can Pabst fail?  Seriously, I got no clue.  With stunning products such as Schlitz, Old Milwaukee, Colt 45, Lone Star, and National Bohemian, this seems like a great idea for Pabst.  However, for normal people it just seems like another IPA that will likely be subpar and entering a market that is already drowning in IPAs.

Now a little history for you, Ballantine IPA was brewed in Newark, NJ and was ditched in the ‘70s when lagers were the more popular brew.  Now that IPAs are the hottest thing going Pabst has introduced this to try to get a piece of the craft beer market.  My problem is, just because it’s an IPA doesn’t make it a craft beer.  You can’t call it a craft beer just because it’s not a Budweiser or Coors, but that doesn’t seem to stop brewers like Bud, Coors and Pabst from slapping the word craft onto beers like Shock Top (a Budweiser product) and boasting that it is “an American microbrew voted one of the best American craft beers”.

The moral of the story is that the next time you see a new six pack in the store whip out your fancy smart phone and do your research.  You don’t know how many times I see people get a beer that they think is coming from a small brewery and turn to their friend and say, “Goose Island is good.  It’s from Chicago.”  Imagine the disappointment on their faces when I tell them that it’s Budweiser (InBev) and it might be hard to tell where that particular bottle was even brewed.  Also, 312 (the phone tap handles) is a subdivision of Goose Island and therefore a sub-sub-division of Bud.  And I’m not saying these beer don’t have their merits, but I am saying don’t be pompous about what you drink unless you know.

Whoa… I sure took that from making fun of hipsters to giving a valuable lesson.  You’re welcome.