99 cans of beer on the wall

As the 6th Annual Brewery Comic Summer of Cans comes to a close I felt inclined to share literally the biggest CAN story I have seen this year.  I was going to throw in a Nicki Minaj ‘Anaconda’ joke here, but I’m going to spare our Regulars and get right to the story.

The brewery Austin Beerworks based out of the totally not surprising location of Austin, TX has released a 99 pack.  Yes, 99 beers in a single pack, of their ‘Peacemaker Anytime Ale’ which is a session ale.  According to their website ‘Peacemaker’ is a good beer all of the time no matter where you are. I imagine this is why you need 99 beers… because everyone will want one.

Personally, it’s also good because it’s a 99 pack of cans and if I have taught you Regulars anything this summer, it’s that cans go everywhere!

The 99 pack costs $99 bucks, which for those of you that are not mathematically savvy, it’s a dollar a beer. I’m assuming their beer is considered ‘craft’ since as far as I know Austin Beerworks is not owed by a major brewer so a buck for a craft brew is pretty good.

Summer is almost over but that only means that football season is about to begin. As I’m sitting here writing this I can only hope that Budweiser comes out with the 101 can tailgate pack that will require its own parking pass at most stadiums.  Let’s embrace the autumn. Bring on football. Bring on tailgates, hoodies and fire pits. I want Sunday’s that mean more than trying to avoid Monday.  Thanks summer, see ya next year.