I will preface this article with the fact that it is all my opinion, and I welcome your response to it.

Through the week I have very simple mornings.  I wake up grab a coffee and go to work.  I don’t order any fancy coffees or breakfast sandwiches.  I drink my coffee black.  While I sip my black coffee each morning I listen to the news.  I have determined our country is way too fucking entitled.  I will present to you three news stories that will progressively get more serious to illustrate my recent feelings.

Technically our first story isn’t news, but this is the pap that fills our airwaves now-a-days.  An 85 year old woman was dropped off by her daughter at Newark Airport.  She was supposed to grab a Southwest flight to Denver where her other daughter would pick her up.  She was left sitting for 2 hours and missed her flight.  Southwest realized the error and put the woman on a connecting flight, issued an apology and two 100.00 gift vouchers.  The response from Southwest wasn’t good enough for her Denver based daughter who was quoted saying “I want more answers.”

Okay, first off she shouldn’t be pissed at Southwest Airlines, she should be pissed at her sister for ditching her mother in Newark Airport.  Secondly, they issued an apology and corrected the error.  What more do you need?  “I want more answers”, I’m sorry Dirty Harry are you going to enact revenge?  What fucking answers do you want you entitled piece of shit.  Your mother is alive, you sister is a terrible daughter, and guess what, you have 200.00 to spend on a flight somewhere!  Here’s a little perspective you arrogant twat, how about being thankful your mother made it home at all and wasn’t on Malaysia Flight 370.  I 100% guaran-fucking-tee she wouldn’t have been happy with those answers… mainly because there are none.

Onto the second news story, recently there was a 6.0 Earthquake in Napa, California.  No one died.  A few people were injured, the real tragedy was all of that wasted wine.  However, people are up in arms and demanding an early warning system (not for the wine as much as their fragile craniums).  For reference, an early warning system would give people about an extra second before the earthquake hit.  To show how affective this is, China actually has an earthquake early warning system, and still, over 600 people in China died earlier this summer from an earthquake.  Yet, Californians are still demanding it!

Here’s a thought, people are mainly injured by falling shit, how about people design their home in a way that understands this possibility?  Nope, like the assholes that “hunker down” in the path of a hurricane, people are determined not to let Mother Nature dictate where they put their decorative vases and antique farm equipment.  I envision this 80 million dollar Earthquake Warning system going into effect and sending out a mass text/warning like a flood watch or amber alert.  People would giggle and marvel at the fact that everyone’s cellphone just made the same noise and waste that precious extra second to avoid falling fixtures.  But, again, we’re entitled here.

In order to make this article Brewery appropriate I will suggest quickly that you grab an American beer this weekend.  Drink that American beer and really think about freedom.  There is a huge difference between freedom and entitlement.   I think those lines are blurring quickly in this country.  Freedom allows Denver based idiots to use a new airline.  Freedom allows people living in an established earthquake area to pick up and move.  Entitlement expects things to change because of its effect on you.  In an incredibly individualistic recent push for change, there have been debates over negotiating with terrorists.  These debates were of course sparked by James Foley’s beheading.

It made me sick when I heard James Foley was senselessly beheaded.    To be completely honest, I wasn’t thrilled with James’ last letter that said he wished he wasn’t American.  I think it’s narrow-minded to say that and not realize that being an American offered him his photo journalistic career and the freedom to do so, but I’m not here to discuss that.  I am here to discuss negotiating with terrorists.  We can’t just change policy based on individual circumstances.  If we start negotiating with terrorists, what will stop them from kidnapping more people?  And furthermore, why would we expect them to be honorable?

Freedom gives us the opportunity to take the risk of entering other countries and potentially being kidnapped.  Entitlement expects that our country will fight to get us back.  Does humility even exist anymore?  I don’t want to be misconstrued as saying people shouldn’t take risks.   I just think that risks should be understood to come with potential consequences.  Leaving your 85 year old mother alone in an airport and expecting things to work out is a risk.  Living in an earthquake area is a risk.  Visiting war torn countries is a risk.  When things don’t go our way we can’t expect that someone will come to our rescue.  We aren’t entitled to anything in this country other than the freedom to choose to make those decisions and deal with the outcome whatever it is.