All day, Errday!

It seems like there is a day for everything lately.  There is a day for Flags, Grandparents, Donuts, House Plant Appreciation, and even a day for Dentists.  It’s like someone just threw a dart at a calendar and then threw another dart at a list of random crap and declared a day that they could create a Facebook page for.  What a dumb idea.

Seriously, why does everything need a day?  Not everything deserves a day.  Everything can’t be a winner, this isn’t Little League.  You don’t get a trophy for showing up.

I recently heard about International Beer Day.  Apparently it just passed on August 2nd.  Here’s another one of these “days” that I just don’t get, and I love beer!  According to its website (yes, there is a website), International Beer Day (IBD), “is a day to celebrate beer and the people who make it.”

IBD was created by friends looking for a reason to get together to celebrate beer.  Who needs a reason to go out with friends and enjoy beer?  I just do that with my friends and it doesn’t only happen on weekends.  It happens all of the time.  Here is a typical exchange between Jim (my friend) and I (me),” Hey man, want to get a beer?”  “Sure!”  Then we go get beer!  Super simple, no day required!

It’s like those people who always have an excuse to have a drink. “Well I mowed the lawn, so I drank a half rack of Coors.”  You don’t need an excuse for a beer, just do it.

Also did these IBD people exchange cards on August 2nd?  I can imagine a IBD card now with an Old man and Old lady on the front and the old man saying, “Hey it’s International Beer Day.  Get me a beer!” and then the old lady responds, “I love it when you call me dear.”  That card is now copyrighted so don’t go stealing my ideas IBD.

What I am getting at is why do we need a day to celebrate what is essentially hanging out with friends?  Why not just go and hang out with your friends?  Put down your “smart device” don’t even look at a calendar, just go out and grab a beer with a friend.  Good beer and good company go hand in hand and you shouldn’t need a special day to enjoy either.