Trains, Buses and Retro Cans

With it being the summer and everyone being a bit more relaxed I figured I would take this opportunity to write about a few things instead of dragging you regulars along for just a single topic.

I used to be a regular train rider.  In fact for the past year it was my number one mode of transportation.  One of my favorite parts about riding the train was the fact that I could drink any number of beers on it.  The only limit was the amount that I could throw back in the time it took me to get from my origin to my destination.  Recently I moved and the train is no longer the best option.

Now the bus literally stops in front of my building and is surprisingly efficient, I mean I actually like it.  I was never a bus person before as they gave me anxiety.  Exact change?  What the hell do all the route numbers mean?  The people on them are usually creepy and if you have ever been to the Port Authority you would wonder how it is still standing, let along how all those buses get in and out of there.  Much to my surprise, and after I figured out which bus I am supposed to get on, the bus is a rather relaxing ride and I’ve come to enjoy it much more than the train.  The only problem is, you can’t drink on the bus.

Ok I don’t know if this is true or not as I am sure if I sit near the back and crack open a beer no one will say anything, but I am pretty sure I am right.  I have yet to see anyone do and there are signs all over the thing that say no eating or drinking.  I will follow up with a report once I give it a try this Friday (probably the next time I will take the bus)

Thanks to Dave, we’ll be writing about Wade Boggs and his love of Miller Lite soon.  You can get a preview of the article here.

Speaking of Miller Lites, have you seen their retro white “Lite” cans?   Well, keeping with the retro motif, Narragansett, who brew a tasty lager, has launched their 1975 retro cans in honor of “Jaws” being one of the best summer movies of allgansett_1975retro time.  It also happens to be one of the best movies of all time.  Also the good people over at ‘Gansett are supporting shark conservation efforts in the Atlantic Ocean in honor of the star of “Jaws”, Jaws.  I love sharks, especially Hammerhead sharks, hence why The Brewery’s fictional brewery is called Hammerhead.  For the record I also think Shark Week is stupid.  It’s the same shows year after year.  It’s nothing but shark bite and feeding stories just so they can show some blood and make it like a drama.  I want shows in glorious HD with sharks just being sharks and doing shark stuff.  I think they had one like that once and it probably received poor ratings due to a lack of a kill.  Anyway grab some ‘Gansett if you can get your hands on it and when you’re done drinking it just remember, if you’re going to crush it, #CrushItLikeQuint.